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Sarasota, FL

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We are sorry that we are so behind in our blogging! In some ways we are thankful that we haven't had much time to do this kind of work because our schedule has been so full, but on the other hand we do want to keep you all caught up, so you rightfully feel like a part of our adventure!

We had the opportunity to catch quite a few snowbirds from the Midwest during our week in Sarasota. Along with seeing our grandma Loveda, Aunt Shirlyn, and Uncle Randy, we stayed with cousins Al and Ginny Liechty, who we feel are our uncle and aunt too!

Sunday the 26th of January we played during the morning service at Sarasota Community Church, formally known as Bahia Vista (which might ring bells to members of the Mennonite community). On Tuesday, we played for the retirement community that Al & Ginny are a part of, Forest Pines. We loved the perks of this community, including a movie night & shuffleboard! Al and Ginny taught us a few games during our stay at their house, one of which is called “Dump the Plate.” Super fun!

Thursday morning we were treated to a French breakfast by Ron & Marlene Nofziger, along with their granddaughter Ambria. It was fun to connect with them in a different place than usual! On the evening of the 30th, we had the opportunity to play at Al & Carla Weldy’s house (parents of Josh’s good college friend), which happened to be one of the best acoustic spaces we’ve played in. We had some fun midwest reunions here too, seeing John & Joyce Yoder, Mary Ann Miller & Terry Stuckey. It was lovely to hang out with the Weldy’s. Al surprised Carla and the band by flying out for the concert, and their daughter Marissa (with her husband Bensly) made the trip out from Fort Lauderdale to hear us.

Thank you to all who made our time in Sarasota so wonderful!

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