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Tucson, AZ

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

On our way to Tucson, the Service Adventure leaders Rudy and Michelle recommended that we visit the White Sands in southern New Mexico. White Sands is a series of beautiful gypsum dunes that rise out of the desert - a great place to see a sunset and camp.

We arrived at Matt and Jeanne Baer's house the evening of February 25th, where we set up camp in the "Baer Cave," a cool "casita" that's the southwest equivalent to the midwest basement. We hit it off right away with Matt & Jeanne, along with their daughter Adele. They are such kind, warm people and we felt lucky to spend time with them.

Along with our amazing hosts, we were excited to have our parents come out and join us for this segment of tour. We spent time together hiking around the Desert Museum & Sabino Canyon on our off days. Of course, we did a lot of eating together as well. We were introduced to cottage cheese pancakes (a Baer specialty), Sonoran hotdogs, and delicious Ethiopian cuisine to highlight a few.

On the evening of Friday the 28th, we performed with the Riley Jones Duo, a dueling guitar group featuring the fine song writing of Chuck Kowalski and Rick Renwick. There were at least 50 people packed in one of the performer's art studio, so we were all off mics. It was a phenomenal night of music sharing and soul connection. On Sunday morning, we played as part of the service at Shalom Mennonite Fellowship. Then on Sunday evening, we rounded out our gigs in Tucson playing at Bentley's House of Coffee & Tea. It felt amazing to be so welcomed by the community after being in Tucson for such a short time. Lots of folks came out to support us at Bentley's and it was a great show!

Writing this on March 14, it is hard to believe that just two weeks ago, life seemed "normal." It is wild how quickly things can change, yet music will carry on in the wind throughout the world. If you're feeling trapped or claustrophobic, perhaps stepping outside, taking deep breaths, and listening for music might bring some internal peace. Sending love and good energy to all, and please be safe!

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