If growing up siblings did not cement our relationships, being homeschooled and each other's only friends certainly did.  Surrounded by music our whole lives, we have made it our mission to create beautiful, meaningful art together.


GIRL NAMED TOM (est. 2019) is a band of siblings from Archbold, Ohio who play acoustic pop music.  In September of 2019, the group set out for their first official tour which took them across the country.  Though the tour was cut short due to the coronavirus, they played 67 shows in 27 cities, amounting to over 12,000 miles of travel in an aging minivan!  

Girl Named Tom took their music to bars in Key West, FL, wineries in Atlanta and Houston, coffee shops in Boulder and Tucson, a farmer's market in San Diego, a church in Vermont, a retirement home in Virginia, and much more. 

The sibling band is known primarily for exquisite three part harmony, using their unique voices together to make their originals and covers stand out.