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Boulder, CO

We came down the Pikes Peak Massif only to climb again on Monday the 17th. We had a day off, so we used it to ski in Winter Park. It was the first time for all three of us skiing in real mountains, and we absolutely loved it! It snowed the whole day while we were there, and the 60" base made for great skiing. We would like to give a big thank you to Steven and Linnea Young for allowing us to stay at their home in Denver. Steven has a season pass to a number of different ski resorts that Caleb used. Also, Daniel Nisly-Nagel (one of Josh's good friends from Camp Friedenswald) is a ski instructor at Winter Park, and he helped us out big time on the lift ticket prices for the other two.

We traveled to Boulder on Tuesday to meet up with quite a few familiar faces. Our cousins, Jon and Kc Graber, traveled from Cheyenne, Wyoming to hear us sing at the Laughing Goat that evening. They treated us to pizza and lovely conversation in downtown Boulder. It was so nice to catch up with them! We stayed in Stephanie Yoder's (our neighbor from Pettisville, OH!!) home for a couple nights, and we really enjoyed hiking and exploring the city with her. The Eigsti's (who live in Denver - treasured friends from way back when our parents lived there) also came to hear us at the Laughing Goat! Another surprise at the Laughing Goat came when our dear friends, Mollie Busta and Ted Lange traveled from Los Angeles, California to see us! Ted said the only people he would travel 15 and a half hours to see perform are Phil Collins, Elton John, and GNT. High praise! We also had the opportunity to connect with Halle Steingrass, a college friend of Caleb and Joshua's who recently moved to Boulder. Also in attendance was a long lost cousin, Kristen Lederman, who was so fun to meet and talk to. Such sweet people made the performance intimate and connected.

Wednesday was another day off, so we went on a beautiful hike up to see the flatirons, walked the downtown, played card games, and ended the day watching the movie "Nutty Professor" on the tour bus!

Thursday morning we took off for Albuquerque, New Mexico with full hearts.

From left: Jon & Kc Graber, Stephanie Yoder, Kristen Lederman, Caleb, Bekah, Mollie, Ted, Josh, Sara, Brad and Heidi Eigsti, Hayley (friend of Eigsti family).

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David Urich
David Urich
18 nov. 2021

First off Im originally from Northwest Ohio, Bluffton, and am super excited to see your travels and tribulations out west! Let alone being inspired and now glued to the Voice because of your musical passion! To see folks that were influenced by Friedenswald and Rocky Mt camp really take me back! My sister Jen helped coordinate your mission to Boulder and we would love to see you in the West again! Dont forget your roots, what inspires you & you all have a special gift.... Id be truly graced to play music any of you one day! Sing On. DU

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